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Many consumers find that portable electric air heaters are an excellent secondary source of heat. To help reduce injuries and accidents, consumers can follow a few simple safety precautions recommended by UL:

  • Air heaters are devices used to heat air. They include forced air products as well as all types of radiant and space heaters.
  • Electric Air Heater .Air Heating devices which use electricity to power themselves and create heat in the air.
  • Kerosene Air Heater are devices used to head with air.
  • Natural Gas Air Heater are heating devices head the air.
  • Diesel Air Heater for Heating Air.
  • Propane Air Heater excellent secondary source for Air Heating.
    To help reduce injuries and accidents, consumers can follow a few simple safety precautions recommended by UL:
  • Carefully read the operating instructions and markings the manufacturer includes with the air heater before using the product. These instructions contain important information about how to use the product safely and maintain it properly.
  • Do not use the air heater unless you've carefully read the instructions. Avoid placing the air heater near water. The box or the instruction manual will indicate whether an air heater is intended for use in locations such as bathrooms or outdoors -- if this information is missing, do not use the heater in either of these areas.
  • Carefully inspect your heater and its electrical cord and plug before use. Never use a heater that is damaged.
  • Use your air heater only as a supplementary source of heat. These devices are not intended to replace your home's heating system and should not be used unless their use is supervised by an adult.
  • To prevent a fire, keep combustibles such as draperies, clothing and furniture at a safe distance -- at least three feet away -- from the air heater.
  • Air heaters on the market today are manufactured with such safety features as cut-off switches to turn heaters off if they accidentally tip over and heating-element guards to help prevent contact with combustible materials.
  • Pay special attention to children if there's an air heater in the room. Remind children not to poke their fingers or objects through the protective guard. Even the slightest contact with a heating coil can cause a severe electric shock or burn, or start a fire.
  • Avoid using an extension cord with your air heater. If you must use an extension cord, it should have a rating 1.25 times the wattage rating of the heater. For example, you should use a cord rated at least 1,875 watts with a 1,500 watt heater.
  • Unplug your air heater when not in use
  • We hope these safety tips will help keep you and your family safer and warmer while using electric air heaters.

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