All About Electric Fireplaces

November 19, 2007

If you want a fireplace but thought it would be impossible or too expensive, think again. Or rather, think electric. Electric fireplaces are designed to look like real fireplaces, but do not require a chimneys or vents. All they need is an outlet.

Electric fireplaces are similar in size to wood models--usually about 36" to 42" wide. However, they can come a lot smaller or larger. They come in a variety of finishes and styles including corner and wall-mounted versions. Electric fireplaces usually have a hologram fire with 3D flame effects that sit behind realistic looking logs that help mimic the look of real flames. Some are capable of producing random flames, which help completes the illusion of real fire.

Depending on the type purchased, an electric fireplace is also capable of producing heat. They are able of putting out as much as 10,000 BTUs while using only about 1400 watts of energy. This will provide plenty of heat for the average-sized room.

The heating element is usually capable of being turned off, allowing you to use the fireplace in the summer as well. Of course, electric heat is more expensive than gas or wood. However, electric fireplaces do come with a thermostat that can help cut down on operating costs.

Electric fireplaces do not give off any fumes and are much safer than other types of fireplaces because they are no real flames. They are always cool to the touch, which means you will not have to worry about your child or pet being burned.

The cost of an electric fireplace that comes complete with logs will cost anywhere from $300 on up, depending on the options you choose. However, this cost is significantly less than installing a gas or wood-burning fireplace, which cannot be moved after installation.

Electric fireplaces are a wonderful option for people who want a fireplace. Imagine being able to hang your stockings onto a real mantle this Christmas. Then, come summer, you can tuck the fireplace away until the fall or leave it out and enjoy it all year.

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