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Ceramic radiant heater is healthful and safe.
Ceramic tube and ceramic products are used in high-temperature applications that require erosion resistance and electrical or thermal insulation. Like other ceramic products, ceramic tubes and rods consist of oxides, carbides, nitrides, carbon, and other non-metals with high melting points. These refractors are hard, heat-resistant materials and products such as alumina cement, fire clay, bricks, and precast shapes. Some examples of ceramic tube and ceramic rod products are precast tubes, ladle impact pads, damns and weirs, impact runners, troughs, covers, furnace roofs, and skimmer paddles.

Working with the environmentally ill over a period of several years, we have perfected solid state ceramic heating units that eliminate the hazards inherent in most other types of heat.

No heat is as healthful and safe as radiant heat, which produces no chemicals, dust particles, odors, or fumes. A radiant heater will maintain optimal comfort in a room. The electromagnetic field emitted is well within the safe range.

We have taken steps to further safeguard your health with the ceramic radiant heaters we produce. Our ceramic-coated heating elements have a large emitting surface that is easily cleaned. We wash all metal parts in a baking soda solution before assembly. After assembly, we energize our heaters for three days before they are shipped.

Ceramic radiant heater is comfortable, economical and convenient

In addition to their healthful qualities, our ceramic Heaters are convenient and inexpensive to use. They heat up quickly, achieving their full temperature within five minutes, and provide a constant temperature from floor to ceiling-there are no drafts or cold spots. The whole house system allows for multi-zone heating, so that you can turn up the temperature only when you are in the room. Our heating systems are easy to install, requiring no ducts, pipes, furnaces, or chimneys, and the installation costs less than that of nearly all other systems.

How does radiant ceramic heater work?
Radiant heat warms objects directly with longwave electromagnetic energy. Radiant heating diffuses energy heat rays in a 160-degree arc, distributing warmth evenly, so that there is not more than 2 degrees difference between floor level and ceiling level. The Radiant heater warms a room sooner and at lower temperature settings than other kinds of heat.

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