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Container Heaters

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Container heaters, sometimes referred to as a 'hot box bulk material heaters', feature a structured box design with innovative heating systems that create a controlled environment while rapidly heating temperature sensitive materials including bagged asphalt, paint, caulk or resins just to name a few. This compact, portable hot box heats palletized or bulk materials while maintaining safe and consistent temperature levels that won’t contaminate or scorch its contents. With an insulated full wrap design, these heaters usually include an adjustable thermostat offering highly efficient, low energy consumption while an internal freestanding frame provides a year round safe storage solution for outdoor applications. A heavy duty vinyl outer shell protects materials, equipment and other contents from weather or other outside elements while maintaining its interior temperature. Top and side access doors make it quick and easy to access the hot box to add or remove contents as often as needed.

Designed with structural integrity by the top manufacturers in heating, these container heaters can usually be easily assembled, disassembled, reassembled, installing quickly and effortlessly, making it ideal for transporting, job site heating, remote location use and other in the field / outdoor heating applications. Not only do these units heat materials and equipment, they may also be used to prevent these materials and equipment from freezing when exposed to cold temperatures. They help to maintain flow, viscosity and workability of a wide range of materials and are even safe enough to heat a variety of different types of food products. Because of this flexibility and versatility, container heaters are commonly used for construction site material heating, freeze protection, warming bulk materials or preheating paints and other similar materials.

Contractors, warehouse managers and industrial manufacturers now have a durable and reliable heat source for all of their temperature sensitive materials or equipment. This allows them to keep all of their materials onsite regardless of the weather conditions, reducing product waste and allowing more time on the job or construction site working any time of year. A variety of different sizes and wattages are available at very reasonable prices depending on the amount of items you intend to contain and at what temperatures they need to be maintained at for optimal use. Contact one of our knowledgeable and helpful sales representatives to request a quote or to answer any questions you may have in selecting the best container heater to meet your heating needs.

Container Heaters

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