Cozy Heaters

Cozy Heaters - Electric Foot Warmer - Electric Leg Warmers - Heating Mats - Office Heater - Cozy Legs Stand - Under Desk Leg Warmer

Cozy Foot Warmer Mats are great to keep your feet warm in the office or at home. Made from a high quality, durable, flexible rubber, the mat is insulated and thermostatically controlled. It is very safe to use and consumes very little energy. Heating mats are ideal to use at home, the office, or retail and warehouse locations. Cozy Foot Warmers reach a maximum temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit, and may also be used to warm boots and shoes as well as to dry snow-dampened foot wear.

Cozy Heating Mats are designed as radiant heaters. As the heat travels upward, it's maintained at a constant 135 degrees Fahrenheit. We also offer a Hi-Lo Switch for Heating Mats which allows you to adjust the heat in your heating mat.

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