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Drum and barrel heaters

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Drum and Barrel Heaters, as well as Gas Cylinder Warmers, provide the fastest, easiest and generally the most affordable method for heating and maintaining the temperature of industrial materials. These heaters are safer, more efficient and use considerably less energy than conventional band heaters or bulky warming ovens. Our large selection of drum and barrel heaters protect your products by maintaining the desired temperature through an evenly heated area. This keeps chemicals and other industrial materials within desired temperature ranges meaning no under heating, overheating, burning or scorching, reducing product waste. An insulated, full wrap design includes adjustable straps ensuring a secure fit that provides a barrier to outdoor temperatures, keeping the heat in and the cold out. Drum and barrel heaters can be used to safely heat propane or other compressed gases and is a great solution for viscosity and flow control.

Durable and long lasting, our wide selection of drum and barrel heaters provide full coverage of drum, barrel or gas cylinders while being waterproof and weather resistant, standing up to the harshest elements. As a superior upgrade over regular band heaters, these heaters provide uniform heat distribution preventing your product from freezing or assists in the melting of solids. Some of the products we offer feature Rapid-Ramp Technology which allows for a faster, even heat up time, bringing materials to the desired temperature then reducing the watt density to simply maintain the temperature. We also offer PRO ( Professional ) models that top out at a higher temperature and comes complete with an adjustable thermostatic controller for pin-point temperature controls.

Gas Cylinder Warmers are a type drum and barrel heater that is designed specifically for use with propane tanks, compressed gas tanks or other gas containers providing maximum efficiency minimizing heat loss, optimizing gas temperature, increasing the vaporization rate and most importantly, saving money. These warmers are also heat tanks evenly, are fully insulated and feature a heavy duty durability that protects your tanks from the outdoors. They extend the "gas mileage" of a tank eliminating unnecessary refills and trips in the cold weather or other harsh working conditions.

We offer a wide range of drum and barrel heaters in a variety of sizes from the top manufacturer’s in heating. These warmers heat, insulate and protect your materials year round and are perfect for use on metal, plastic or poly drums, pails, drum cradles and gas cylinders. Please feel free to contact one of our experienced and knowledgeable support representatives to assist with any questions you may have in selecting the perfect drum and barrel heater to meet your needs.

Drum & Barrel Heaters

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