What is an Electric Fireplace?

What is an Electric Fireplace?

An electric fireplace is simply one that is fueled on electricity rather than on wood, gas, or an alternative fuel. An electric fireplace is a clean burning, easy to install and use alternative to other types of fireplaces. While electricity tends to be a more expensive than gas alternatives, it is also much more convenient. Whether you choose an electric fireplace or an electric fireplace insert, the ease of installation and use will surely make the process painless.

An electric fireplace is also a popular option because it has all the same safety features as a gas alternative, but without any danger of gas leaks whatsoever. Some people however, do not prefer an electric fireplace because in case of a power outage, it will not function. Also, it is more difficult to find a model that will mimic the traditional look and feel of a real wood fire using electric inserts.

However, if natural gas and propane options will not work for you or are undesirable for your home, an electric fireplace is an extremely easy way to get your new fireplace or converted fireplace working with no hassle and little time. Push button on and off features make them a great option for people on the go and with little time to hassle with filling propane tanks, chopping or buying wood, or cleaning and maintaining another kind of fireplace.

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