What is an ethanol fireplace ?

What is an ethanol fireplace ?

An ethanol fireplace is an alternative fuel fireplace that is fueled on ethanol. In the last few years, there has been a drive to come up with even more environmentally friendly and conservative fuels than natural gas, electricity, or propane provide. Ethanol is one of these – since it is made from plants, it does not release any new carbon dioxide into the air. Also, when ethanol is burned its emissions are roughly similar to human breath – small amounts of water vapor and carbon dioxide, with no harmful or toxic substances, so ventilation is not necessary. One of the great advantages of an ethanol fireplace is that it can be made portable by using a small tank that holds the ethanol.

An ethanol fireplace provides the same benefits as other gas-fueled fireplaces, in that they can be easily started and turned off, are efficient and cost-effective, and are safer than wood fireplaces. Because ethanol is very readily available, and since the burning of denatured ethanol produces no hazardous emissions, an ethanol fireplace is a very attractive choice for an urban apartment dweller, someone who is environmentally-conscious, or anyone who is interested in having the flexibility and portability of a fireplace that is not permanently mounted.

The Guide for Ethanol Fireplaces & Firepits

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