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Electric Fan-Forced Wall Heater Cadet RBF-101 3410 BTU
Electric Fan-Forced Wall Heater Cadet RBF-101 3410 BTU
Electric Fan-Forced Wall Heater Cadet RBF-101 3410 BTU
Electric Fan-Forced Wall Heater Cadet RBF-101 3410 BTU
Electric Fan-Forced Wall Heater Cadet RBF-101 3410 BTU

Electric Fan-Forced Wall Heater Cadet RBF-101 - 3410 BTU

Brand: Cadet
SKU: 79241
Mfg Number: RBF101
  • BTU /hr.: 3410 BTU
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Volts: 120 V
  • Dimensions: 12" W x 19" H x 3.88" D
  • Color: Chrome
Availability: Discontinued
Product Information
Price: $150.94


The RBF101 is a compact bathroom heater that features a convenient on/off rocker switch control and a fan forced interior from the popular Cadet ComPak Plus style heating unit. The heater is on until manually turned off. The mesh screen attached to the grill breaks up the flow of air, providing a more gentle heat distribution. Factory rated at 1000 watts at 120V, this unit includes heater assembly, grill and grill frame.

Architectural Information

Fan forced electric air heaters shall be UL Listed and factory rated at 120V. Each complete heater shall be of unitized construction and attach to the wall can with four screws and shall be self-contained and completely separate from the wall mounting can. Element is of nichrome type wire wrapped on mica insulators with a high temperature manual power reset limit switch and an over-temperature thermal back-up. A two stage centrifugal blower shall be driven by an impedance protected motor. The motor shall be totally isolated from the heating chamber. Grill assembly is made up of stamped grill and attached expanded metal screen. Grill trim frame is made of stainless steel.

Technical Information

For best results use a timer control with the RBF heater. UL requires a minimum clearance of 6" from adjacent vertical surfaces such as walls, shelving, drapes, etc., and 6" from the floor. Manufacturer recommends 12" from finished floor and adjacent surfaces. A 3' minimum clearance is recommended for furniture or other objects placed directly in front of heater.

PRODUCT NOTE: Manufacturer recommends installing heater assembly after walls are finished. Heater must be cleaned every six months minimum. Wall Can is not included.

Ordering Information

Recommended for elevations under 10,000 feet. Stainless steel grill attaches with frame.

For new installations, wall can is required (sold separately).

Cadet Fan-Forced Wall Heater RBF-101 Features:

  • Retrofits into model RBFC wall can
    (A wall can is required for all applications)
  • Primary and Secondary Thermal Safeguards
    - Now with robust, heavy duty high temperature manual power reset
    - Over temperature one-time thermal fuse
  • Nichrome coil element for quick heat; wrapped around mica insulators for durability
  • Attractive low profile stainless steel grill with frame. 1/4" Depth.
  • Built-in on/off switch
  • The ideal choice for bathrooms
  • Powder coat paint process eliminates sharp cutting edges
  • Convenient ON-OFF rocker switch control
  • 2 year warranty
  • Factory tested and UL listed
Cadet Fan-Forced Wall Heater RBF-101 Specifications
Part No.79241
Model No.RBF101
DescriptionHeater Assembly, Grill, and Grill Frame
Carton Dimensions19.75" W x 14" H x 7" D
Grill Dimensions12" W x 19" H x 0.25" D
Rough In Dimensions10.25" W x 17" H x 4" D
Wall Can Dimensions10.125" W x 18" H x 3.875" D
Voltage120 V
Watts 1000 W (120V)
Amps8.33 A (120V)
Pallet Quantity42
Weight9 Lbs.
IncludesHeater assembly, grill, grill frame, and on/off rocker switch
Warranty2 Year
UPC Code027418792419

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Product PDF's and Other ResourcesDimensions
12" W x 19" H x 3.88" D
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