About fire pits

About fire pits

Fire pits consist of anything from a circle of stones to a modern gas fire pits that don’t even require fire wood! They can be made of stone, brick, clay, iron, or steel and can be permanent installations or portable. Many fire pits are built into an outdoor table or have a table-like rim. This is handy both for holding food that you are grilling on the grill but also for resting your beverage or plate while you relax around the fire. Imagine it like a coffee table with a beautiful and warming fire in the middle. Of course make sure that safety precautions are taken.

If you want the warmth and some of the ambiance of an outdoor fire pit, without the hassles of firewood, lighting the fire and cleaning up the ash, then maybe a gas fire pit is for you. Gas fire pits are fueled by liquid propane tank or a natural gas line, just like other gas fireplaces. Before choosing between the different types of fire pits, do some research and decide exactly what you want in a fire pit. If you want to be able to move it around depending on the set up for your backyard, try a copper or cast iron portable fire pit. No matter which you choose, any of the fire pits will make your backyard an attraction for any social gathering.

The Firepit Guide and all about Firepits

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