What is a Fireplace Insert ?

What is a Fireplace Insert ?

A fireplace insert is installed into an existing fireplace to convert it to use a different type of fuel and to increase its overall efficiency and heat. You can use a fireplace insert to lower your high energy bills while increasing the amount of warmth you get from your fireplace. If you are looking for a fireplace insert, consider all of the options available: electric and gas version provide different costs and benefits. An electric fireplace insert is very easily installed, but is slightly more costly than a gas fireplace insert which is more cost-effective, but may require more in terms of installation.

As always, consult safety guidelines in the owners manual of any fireplace insert to make sure that installation and operation is done safely. One of the great benefits of a fireplace insert is that it can be completely disguised within an existing fireplace and mantle, so you sacrifice nothing of the style and design you enjoy about your traditional fireplace, but gain a cleaner, safer, and more convenient fireplace.

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