About Gas Fireplaces

About Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces have become increasingly popular as a replacement for wood burning fireplaces and have become the choice for many modern home builders. Unlike a traditional wood burning fireplace, there is no hassle with cleanup and maintenance such as chimney sweeping, buying or chopping wood, or constantly feeding wood into the fire. Inserts are available if you have an existing wood-burning fireplace you would like to convert. One of the best things about gas fireplaces is the convenient on/off feature - no more building a flame using tinder and paper. Once turned on have the added convenience of being controlled by a remote. 

As an added benefit, gas fireplaces are more environmentally friendly than wood burning ones; they produce less carbon monoxide and emissions than their predecessors. There are options for running on natural gas and propane, both of which are low-cost and are available in most areas. If you are the type who enjoys the ambiance of a traditional fireplace, look no further! Gas fireplaces are designed to look like classic wood burning ones - the only thing missing will be the smell of burning wood and the ashes to clean up! 

Direct Vent: This type of gas fireplace can be vented through a wall or through the roof. They are designed with a vent that will exhaust air outside of the house. Direct vent fireplaces are more efficient and safe than the other options available. Read more about Direct Vent Fireplaces here. 

Ventless or Vent-free: Ventless fireplaces do not require the installation of a chimney or vent. They are designed to safely exhaust into your home but include a sensor that will automatically shut off the gas supply if it senses a dangerous lack of oxygen. Read more about Ventfree fireplaces here.

Top-vent: Top-venting is another way of indicating that a gas fireplace is using an exsisting chimney rather than a specially installed vent.

For many homeowners, gas fireplaces are the perfect alternative to a messy, high-maintenance wood-burning fireplace. While they generally require more installation than electric options, they also give a more traditional look and feel, and provide more heat. Overall they are a great alternative for any modern home.

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