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  • Gas Heaters
    A gas heater is a device used to heat a room or outdoor area by burning natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas.
    The first gas heater made use of the same principles of the Bunsen burner invented in the previous year. The flame heats the air locally. This heated air then spreads by convection, thus heating the whole room. Today the same principal applies with outdoor "patio heaters" or "mushroom heaters" which act as a giant Bunsen burner.
    Modern gas heaters have been further developed to include units which utilize radiant heat technology, rather than the principles of the Bunsen burner. This form of technology does not spread via convection, but rather, is absorbed by people and objects in its path. This form of heating is particularly useful for outdoor heating, where it is uneconomical to attempt to heat a large volume of air.
  • Natural Gas Heaters
    Natural Gas Heaters is gas room heater, natural gas room heater, natural gas room heaters, natural gas spa heaters, natural gas space heater, natural gas space heaters, natural gas stove heaters, natural gas tank type. Natural Gas Patio Heaters - Forced Natural Gas Heaters. Natural Ga Heater is used in Indoor and Out door Gas Heaters.
  • Propane Gas Heaters
    Propane Gas Heaters used on patio enjoyment with an outdoor Patio Heater. Their inviting 15' to 20' circle of warmth raises outdoor temperatures 10 to 25 degrees F, empowering you to enjoy your backyard, patio, or pool deck much later in the fall, and earlier in the spring, than ever before. While they won't turn the dead of winter into a summer day, their adjustable temperature setting allows perfect control for a brisk evening barbecue, early morning coffee, or any other outdoor activity.
    Propane Patio heaters are safe, economical, and easy to use. They provide up to 40,000 BTUs of heat, a durable stainless steel burner, and premium construction, allowing for quick and easy assembly. They operate using a propane grill cylinder, requiring no electricity at all, so you will never have to fight with extension cords.
    Propane Gas Heaters is also used by the most prfessional forced air heaters.
  • Gas Heating
    gas furnaces are one of the many heating options available today. In this section you’ll find information about both the pros and cons of using oil and gas heat. After reading the articles you’ll have a better understanding of how furnaces, propane heaters, boilers and radiators work and which one would work best in your home..

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