About grated style cylinder fireplaces

About grated style cylinder fireplaces

There are many options available for grated style cylinder fireplaces. As with all patio or outdoor fireplaces, these fireplaces use wood as their predominant fuel, and are very popular for people who are looking for a real campfire experience in the comfort of their own backyard. Many grated style cylinder fireplaces come with grills and other accessories that allow you to barbeque and cook, and enjoy some of the other benefits of an open campfire.
Because grated style cylinder fireplaces have larger, more open fires, it is extremely important for you to ensure that you are using your fireplace safely. Be sure to avoid having flammable materials anywhere near the fireplace, and keep children and pets out of the area. Also be sure there are no dry plants or vegetation that may catch on fire by floating embers. Having a fire extinguisher nearby is highly recommended in case there is an accident.
Whether you just want a nice fire to enjoy your backyard or you want to have friends and family over for a camping-like experience without the hassle of traveling, a grated style cylinder fireplace is a perfect choice. To learn more about other options available, read our fireplace guide section for fire pits.

The Fireplace Guide for Grated Cylinder Style Fireplaces

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