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Heater Safety - Heater Buying Guide

Heater Safety

Stay safe when using heaters that you purchase for heating needs. While manufacturers of these heaters test each test through various safety tests, it's important to maintain various heater safety requirements in the home or workplace as well.

Some safety issues come into play with electric heaters in that people use the high setting too often (or all the time) and allow it to overheat. By using too much energy than the volt source provides, an electrical fire is possible. BE CAREFUL!

Space heaters provide intense heat in a small space; however this makes them susceptible to fire because of the fast heat source of energy flowing out and through a room. Portable space heaters as well are hazardous if tipped over. Many new heaters are made with safety switches in which turn off a heater if it isn't upright. View the S Consumer Product Safety Commission space heater safety guide.

Heater Safety Tips

  1. Always use a heater upright.
  2. Do not put cords under heavy objects or in walkways.
  3. Be sure that a plug is secure and tight.
  4. Replace missing guards or controls before using further.
  5. Do not use the high setting for long periods of time.

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