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Select Insulation Type: Click the type of insulation used on your building / home.

Fahrenheit Temperature Increase: Enter the amount by which you would like to increase the Fahrenheit degrees.

Square Footage to Heat: Enter the square footage of the room you would like to heat.

Ceiling Height: Enter the height of the ceiling in feet of the room you would like to heat.

Watts / BTU Conversion: Enter a value in the "Watts" field or the "BTU" Field. Next click the "convert" button.


This calculator is provided as a quick method of selecting heaters. We accept no responsibility or liability resulting from its use.

What are Watts and BTU's?

watts and btu definitionWatts: A measure of power or the rate of energy consumption by an electrical device when it is in operation, calculated by multiplying the voltage at which an appliance operates by the current it draws (Watts = Volts X Amperes).

BTU's: Stands for British Thermal Units. Homes are measured to determine the number of BTU's required from a cooling or heating system. The larger the BTU rating, the higher the heating capacity of the furnace or air conditioner.

How to Select Your Insulation Type select insulation type

Outdoor areas, sheds and some garages have no insulation. Garages and homes in the warmer areas of the country have poor insulation. Winterized homes with insulated windows and tight leakage have good insulation.

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