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Tankless Water Heater Multi Remote Control Paloma MIC-180
Tankless Water Heater Multi Remote Control Paloma MIC-180

Tankless Water Heater Multi Remote Control Paloma MIC-180

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The MIC-180 Controller is linked to each Paloma with a separate communication cable. Temperatures are set for the entire system by a single Main Controller (UMC-117), which is linked directly to the MIC-180. The Main Controller will also display diagnostic codes for each unit in the system.

A large system of 28c Palomas can be electronically controlled with the MIC-180 Manifold Controller. For systems of 7 to 20 units, the MIC-180 Controller needs an extended communication board, the MICS-180, which can be fit inside the MIC-180 installation box.

The 28c Series is designed to meet the demands of high-volume hot-water applications, whether they need 8 gallons per minute or 80. In a residence, a multi-unit system may be needed to feed a multi-head shower system, whirlpools, or a Roman bath. In commercial applications, we see this requirement at apartment complexes, hotels and campuses.

Systems controlled by the MIC-180 have the same minimum ignition flow as a single unit. In the 28c Series, this is just 0.66 GPM. The MIC-180 Controller is also designed to maximize the life of the system by rotating the order of ignition and distributing heating load among the units.


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