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Tankless Water Heater Paloma PH-28C-OFP
Tankless Water Heater Paloma PH-28C-OFP

Tankless Water Heater Paloma PH-28C-OFP

Brand: Paloma
Mfg Number:
  • Volts: 120 V
  • Dimensions: 25-3/8 x 14-7/8 x 11-1/8
  • Color: Gray
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High Volume Tankless Water Heater Outdoor - PH-28C OFP - 28c Series - Commercial

Type of Fuel Propane Gas
Safety Engineering N/A
Heat Exchanger: Film Wrap Overheat Limiter
Flame Failure Safety Monitor: Flame Rod Type
Anti-boil protection
Vent Length Maximum N/A
Rated Gas Input (BTU's/Hr.) 19,000 - 199,900 (modulating)
Dimensions (inches) 14-7/8 (W) x 25-3/8 (H) x 11-1/8 (D)
Net Weight (lbs.) 55
Working Water Pressure 14 psi (minimum); 150 psi (maximum)
Minimum Flow for Ignition 0.66 GPM
Gas Connection 3/4" NPT Male
Thermal Efficiency 0.82
Energy Factor (DOE) 0.82
Electrical Requirement 120 VAC/60 Hz, Less than 2 Amps
Freeze Protection Minus 30° F (including wind chill factor)
Controller/Diagnostic Display Main Unit Remote Control - UMC-117 (included)
Multi-Unit System Controller
(sold separately)
2 to 6 units Controller System: MIC-180 (includes installation box)
7 to 20-unit system: MIC-180 + MICS-180 (contact us for more information)
Factory-set maximum temperature is 120 degrees F
For installations above 3,280 feet, the connector to the PC board must be replaced. Consult factory or your supplier for details.
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Paloma Water Heaters Up to $300 Home Energy Improvement Federal Tax Credit

In the commercial hot-water world, the 28c Series may be the only tankless solution you will ever need to know.

With the 28c as your platform, you can solve the needs of a small restaurant kitchen, a school shower facility, or a large National Guard training base. The 28c can be used standalone, or it can be configured into multi-unit systems of 2 to 20 units controlled with Paloma's Manifold Electronic Controller.

Why use Paloma's Expandable Tankless Water Heater instead of conventional hot-water solutions?

  • Standard components - You can standardize your design of hot water systems from 200,000 to 4.0 million BTU's on a single, common component - the Paloma 28c.
  • Scalability - Systems can be designed to be expanded over time to accommodate increasing hot-water requirements.
  • Installation ease - Each unit you carry in weighs just 55 pounds, and you have leeway in designing the installation around space limitations of your mechanical room.
  • Built-in redundancy - Even if one unit requires servicing, other units in your system will continue to provide hot water. It is not necessary to shut down the entire system to service a single unit.
  • Servicing flexibility - You can, in fact, swap units out for offsite servicing if you wish.
  • Smart energy use - Just like a tankless system for home use, commercial applications can also leverage the Paloma's on demand energy-wise performance.

Multi-Unit Systems

A large system of 28c Paloma's can be electronically controlled with the MIC-180 Manifold Controller. For systems of 7 to 20 units, the MIC-180 Controller needs an extended communication board, the MICS-180, which can be fit inside the MIC-180 installation box.

Single-Unit Controller

The UMC-117 Main Controller is used to set temperatures, display error codes and access maintenance information on a single-unit installation. In multi-unit systems, one Main Controller is used as the temperature controller and error display for the entire system. Others continue to be used to display diagnostic information on specific units.


  • Endless hot water on demand
  • Energy efficiency - heats water only when it is needed
  • Compact, and takes no floor space (wall-hung installation)
  • Unmatched Safety Engineering
  • Proprietary ICAD Safety System (on indoor model)
  • Proprietary Film Wrap Overheat Limiter (on heat exchanger)
  • Flame failure and anti-boil protection
  • Freeze protection to minus 30 degrees F
  • Built-in diagnostics and usage record
  • Includes Digital Controller to set temperature and display diagnostics
  • 180-degrees F maximum temperature setting
  • Minimum flow for ignition: 0.66 GPM
  • Power Return: AUTO-ON at last setting after power interruption
  • Low NOx emissions meet SCAQMD Rule 1146 requirements
  • Can be used in circulation systems up to 140 degrees F

Multi-Unit System Features:

  • 1- to 20-unit systems with 199,900 to 3.99 million BTU's/hr. inputs
  • MIC-180 Manifold Controller quickly and tightly calibrates firing, temperature and volume output of each unit in system
  • Control logic distributes heating load to maximize system life
  • Can be delivered and installed in tight locations
  • Built-in system back-up
  • Units can be serviced without shutting down the entire system

Commercial Warranty

  • 3-Year Limited Warranty on Heat Exchanger
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty on Parts

Heater-Store or any of it's affiliates are not responsible for damages or injury caused by wrongful installation or application of this product.

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25-3/8 x 14-7/8 x 11-1/8
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