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Tankless Water Heater Paloma PH-28R-OFN
Tankless Water Heater Paloma PH-28R-OFN

Tankless Water Heater Paloma PH-28R-OFN

Brand: Paloma
Mfg Number:
  • Volts: 120 V
  • Dimensions: 25-3/8 x 14-7/8 x 11-1/8
  • Color: White
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High Volume Tankless Water Heater Outdoor - PH-28R OFN - 7.4 Series - Residential

Type of Fuel Natural Gas
Rated Gas Input(BTUs/Hr.) 19,000 (minimum)
199,900 (maximum) Modulating
Dimensions (Inches) 14-7/8 (W) x 25-3/8 (H) x 11-1/8 (D)
Empty Net Weight (lbs.) 55
Working Water Pressure 14 psi (minimum); 150 psi (maximum)
Water Flow Rate 0.66 GPM (minimum) 7.4 GPM (maximum) (23 psi)
Gas Connection 3/4" NPT Female (With Supplied Gas Shutoff Valve)
Water Connection 3/4" NPT Male
Vent Size N/A (Outdoor Installation)
Efficiency Rating 84%
Energy Factor 0.82
Electrical Rating 120 VAC/60 Hz, Less than 2 Amps
• Factory-set maximum temperature is 120° F
• For installations above 3,280 feet, the connector to the PC board must be replaced. Consult factory or your supplier for details.
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Recommended Bath & Shower Controllers
Paloma Main Unit Remote Control - UMC-117
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Paloma Water Heaters Up to $300 Home Energy Improvement Federal Tax Credit

Paloma PH-28R Features :

  • Energy efficiency - 30% more efficient than tank-type water heaters
  • Energy-saving design
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Endless hot water on demand
  • Paloma's exclusive sensing burner and ICAD Safety System to optimize combustion and shut down the unit in case of raised levels of carbon monoxide (indoor units only)
  • Self-diagnostic program
  • Remote control displays adjustable temperature settings
  • Waterproof digital remote control for convenience, comfort, and ease of maintenance
  • Optional, additional remote controls available
  • Intelligent electronic controls designed to increase energy efficiency and safety
  • Indoor model uses 4" Category III stainless steel venting material
  • Exclusive film wrap overheat limiter
  • May be installed as part of a circulating water system
  • Built-in electric blower on all models
  • Low NOx emissions meet SCAQMD Rule 1121 requirements
  • Easy expansion with DUOnex™ System
  • Extensive diagnostics and error display
  • Paloma PH-28R Warranty :

  • 3-Year Limited Warranty on Parts
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty on Heat Exchanger
  • How does the Paloma PH-28R Tankless Water Heater works ?

    - Set temperature of hot water on the remote control. The computer will detect the incoming water temperature and calculate necessary heat to achieve set temperature. Heated water temperature will be monitored upon exiting, in case adjustments are needed.

    - The electronic system detects temperature of incoming water and activates the burner as water flows through the controls, heating it instantaneously as it flows -and only when it flows- through the highly efficient heat exchanger. There is no holding tank with reserve water.

    - Digital setting allows you to choose anywhere between 100°F and 120°F with Bath Control (between 100°F and 140°F with Main Control) . And since it is electronically controlled, it maintains the same temperature.

    - This water heater can deliver 288 GPH (gallons per hour) at 70°F temperature rise. For example, if you wish to have 120°F of hot water when the incoming water is 50°F , you will get 288 gallons of 120°F (50°F + 70°F) hot water per hour. If the incoming water is warmer, you will get more than 288 GPH.


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    25-3/8 x 14-7/8 x 11-1/8
    Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business - pending | Minority Business Enterprise