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Patio Heater Wheel Kit. Works For All Patio Heaters Use this wheel kit to safely and easily move your patio heater where you need it the most. Fits deluxe and commercial outdoor patio heaters.
Patio heaters bring indoor comfort and convenience outdoors. Their inviting 18' - 20' circle of warmth raises outdoor temperatures 10- 25 Degrees, empowering you to enjoy your back yard, patio, or pool deck much later into the fall, and earlier in the spring than ever before. Adjustable temperature settings allows perfect control for a brisk evening barbecue, early morning coffee, or any other outdoor activity. 40,000 BTUs of heat, a durable stainless steel burner, and premium construction, allowing for quick and easy assembly. They operate using a propane grill cylinder, requiring no electricity at all, so you will never have to fight with extension cords. And because your family's safety is your number-one concern, they feature a safety switch that immediately shuts the unit off if the heater is tilted. Features & Specifications BTU's 40,000 Btu's Heating Range 14' to 20' Diameter Engine Type Exclusive IPP E1 Igniter System Push Button Piezo Electric Safety Tilt Switch Yes - Auto Shut Down Wheels Yes - Easy to move! Dome Diameter 34" Pole Diameter 3" Overall Height 89" Construction Powder Coated Black Fuel Type Propane (LP)
Gas Light Decorative Patio Heater-Propane
Heating For Warmth.Lighting For Ambiance This uniquely decorative heater is perfect for any patio or deck. It features an attractive gas light with flickering yellow flame and auto re-ignite. The heater and light can be operated at the same time or independently. This unit is designed for year round use With an elegant hammered bronze powder coat finish. It is quiet, efficient and heats from head to toe. Superior Grade Construction Safety Shut-Off Dimensions: 83" H x 16.5" W x 16.5" D Easy Start Electronic Ignition Integrated Wheels For Ease of Mobility Weighted Base For Stability Weights 86 lbs. Approx. 1 Hour Assembly Time Hose & Regulator Included For Outdoor Use Only CSA US & Canada Approval Unique Adjustable Heat Output High: 36,500 Btu - Runs Approx. 12 Hours Low: 20,000 Btu - Runs Approx. 21 Hours Gas Light ONLY.

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