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As evenings draw in and temperatures drop, attention turns from keeping cool to keeping warm The best way to beat the chill this winter is with a stylish and nice portable heater.

There is a wide variety of portable heaters available in the Heater-Store - from heaters suiting country style homes to the stylish and modern DeLonghi Quattro Plus, perfect for contemporary spaces.

Quick to heat, fully controllable and easy to use, portable heaters really do provide the solution to age old heating problems.

Portable heaters can be a cost effective alternative to switching on the central heating - especially if you wish to focus heat on perhaps just one or two rooms.

The beauty of portable heaters of course, is that you can move them around. So you can be kept as warm as toast wherever you are in the house. It doesn't take long for heaters to warm up either - some models can reach maximum power in just 10 seconds.

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Can you spot the safety hazards that have been staged for this article?

If you said… "The electrical circuit is overloaded." or "The heater is too close to the waste can and chair." or "The room appears to be empty, so the heater is unattended." you’re right!! Each of these by itself could cause a fire tragedy.

Nationally, the number two cause of fires in the home and the number three cause of fatal home fires is heating equipment. It’s important to be careful with heating equipment, especially portable heaters. During this time of year when portable heaters are being used at work and home, we may forget the dangers that they pose the danger of igniting combustible materials.

All portable heating equipment used at Hanford must first be approved by your company’s fire protection engineer or the Hanford Fire Marshal’s office before its use. This ensures safe location and an approved type of heater. If the heater is electric, the circuit will be evaluated by safety or electrical engineers to ensure that the additional electrical load is adequate.

Project Hanford personnel are referred to HNF-PRO-355, "Portable Heaters," which details the responsibilities associated with using portable heaters. Other site contractor employees are to use their own safety and fire protection program personnel for portable heater requirements.

Heaters used must be Alisted@ or gas-association certified, such as Underwriters Laboratories or the American Gas Association, for their intended use and shall not be modified for other applications.

Managers shall ensure the heaters (whether they are electric or fuel-fired) are used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations as to:

* adequate clearance from combustible materials.
* adequate ventilation for fuel-fired heaters.
* selection of fuel and refueling practices.

Fuel-fired heaters should be located outside and the heat ducted to the inside. Fuel must be stored and handled in accordance with HNF-PRO-358, "Flammable/Combustible Liquids."

Each of these basic recommendations can easily be transferred to the use of portable heaters around the house. Make this winter is one that is fire safe. Protect yourself, your co-workers, and your family from the danger associated with portable heaters.

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