Portable Heaters - Portable Utility Heaters - Portable Electric Heaters & Space Heaters

  • Portable Utility Heaters
    UNIQUE ALL-METAL DESIGN Perfect for heavy-duty applications, this all-metal portable utility heater with extra wide roll bars ensures durability and safety. It's ideal for primary, supplementary, or spot heating in the garage, basement or anywhere in the home.
    2 HEAT FLOW SETTINGS Lets you regulate the output of warm air. Choose the HIGH setting (1500 Watts) or LOW setting (825 Watts). Alternatively, the fan can be operated without heat for summer ventilation.
    ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT Lets you easily select and maintain a desired level of comfort.
    SAFETY THERMAL CUT-OFF Is one more way to ensure product safety. If the unit becomes too warm, it automatically turns off. No need to worry about overheating.
    INTERNAL TIP-OVER SWITCH To provide added safety in case the unit becomes unstable or is accidentally tipped over.
    CONVENIENT CARRY HANDLE Allows for easy portability.
    Designed by internationally acclaimed designer Giacomo Borin
  • Portable Electric Heaters
    You'll feel warm inside and out when you choose the portable personal reflective space heater. Perfect for home or office use, this portable electric heater offers gentle warming that's odorless and fume-free. It produces bio-electric heat, which is often prescribed as a therapeutic means of promoting cell regeneration as well as healthy skin and circulation. The lightweight easily portable, with a built-in carrying handle. This silent heater won't disturb you, even if you're working, napping, or reading. You'll enjoy a comfortable, healthy environment with the added safety benefits of overheat protection and an automatic tip-over shutoff switch.
  • Catalytic Portable Heaters with Electronic Ignition
    Provides comfortable warmth whether indoors or in a tent
    Electronic ignition for for quick and easy matchless lighting
    1,500 BTU output operates up to 14 hours from one 16.4 oz propane cylinder (not included)
    Portable integrated handle makes heater easy to carry
    Stable, detachable base provides a strong stand for the heater
  • Portable Fan Heaters
    Heat Flow Setting lets you regulate the output of warm air. Choose the HIGH setting for 1500 watts or the LOW setting for 825 watts. Alternately, the fan can be operated with out heat for summer ventilation.
    Adjustable Thermostat lets you easily select and maintain your desired level of comfort.
    Motorized Oscillation Body oscillates from side to side, allowing you to warm every corner of the room.
    24-Hour Programmable Timer Energy-saving timer with 48 settings allows you to heat rooms for any desired amount of time let you select different time periods throughout the day or night.
    Convenient foot Switch Lets you easily control oscillation with your foot. the gentle tap of a hand works too.
    Safety Thermal Cut-off is one more way to ensure product safety. If the unit becomes too warm, it automatically turns off. No need to worry about overheating.

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