About propane fireplaces

About propane fireplaces

As an alternative to natural gas fireplaces, propane fireplaces and fireplace inserts are very good alternatives to standard (wood-burning) fireplaces.
Installation is almost always handled by a professional and requires very little preparation work on the part of the homeowner. Ventless options are available to save energy or if a regular chimney or flue is not an option due to space constraints. These options can be used to heat any part of your home since no permanent venting is required. Additionally, propane fireplaces are able to generate heat very quickly and can provide either radiant or convective heat transfer. While an electric starter makes ignition very convenient, safe manual ignition is also easy in case of a power outage. Flame size can be controlled easily, by remote control on some models.
Because pressurized gas stored in tanks flows easily, you don’t need to fuss with moving fuel around. Also, propane is available virtually everywhere, while natural gas is limited to municipal distribution grids. Make sure you understand the cost involved with purchasing propane and determine whether you are going to rent or purchase tanks.
For a clean, convenient, and cost-cutting alternative to either wood or natural gas, propane fireplaces are perfect for those who may not have access to natural gas but want all of the benefits it offers.

Guide for Propane Fireplaces & Propane Firepits

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