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  • Propane Air Heaters and Propane Forced Air Heaters
    All of our portable propane forced air heaters (also known as "construction heaters") are provided with LPG pressure regulators and supply hose. Most of these portable propane forced air heaters are AGA and CGA certified.
  • Propane Infrared Heaters
    Radiant Infra-Red heaters "Warm Like The Sun" heating people and objects before heating the air. Low-Priced, Clean-Burning Heaters. These compact infrared units are ideal for patios, work shops, work sites, recreational activities, remodeling, construction jobs. Backed by a one-year limited warranty.
    Low-priced units heat for pennies, require no electricity. Wind-resistant design.
  • Propane Convection Heaters
    Convection heaters work by heating the air near the heater. The area is gradually wrapped in a blanket of warmth as the air is heated.
    Compact, Clean-Burning Heaters. These compact convection units are ideal for patios, workshops, work sites, recreational activities, remodeling, and construction jobs.
    Clean-burning, odor-free operation. These units are lightweight, compact, and ideal for construction, small trade, agriculture, automotive, and do-it-yourself projects. Clean-burning, odor-free fuel leaves no residue on surfaces. They’re low-maintenance, too—no spark plugs to replace, no fuel or air filters to service. Backed by a one-year limited warranty.
  • Propane Patio Heaters
    Propane Patio Heaters with triple dome technology provides a more efficient and consistent distribution on heat. This commercial triple dome heater provides 40,000 BTUs of heat, a durable stainless steel burner, and premium construction, allowing for quick and easy assembly. The heat radiates up to 20 feet from the base. The unique Triple Dome design is engineered to cast the heat more evenly across the entire range of the heat shadow than traditional Patio Heaters with one heat shield. The Endless Summer ES2350 triple dome patio heater features a safety switch that immediately shuts the unit off if the unit is tilted.
  • Propane Portable Heaters
    Portable propane infrared heater; Heats people or objects rather than wasting fuel on large areas Compact, lightweight, quiet and clean burning; Piezoelectric ignition; Mounts and operates from a 20 lb. BBQ type propane tank; 24 gauge, 430 stainless steel reflector, focuses rays without absorption; Heavy-duty support firmly attaches heater to tank; No electricity required; Hose and regulator included; No messy refueling; Will heat a 3000 cubic foot building for up to 17 hours from a 20 lb. BBQ type propane tank
  • Propane Water Heaters
    You’re in Hot Water with Propane. That’s a Good Thing.
    Propane gives you more hot water at a more affordable price. That’s why millions of American homes use propane to heat water for their showers, washing machines, and dishwashers.
    Propane water heaters are up to 30 percent less expensive to operate than electric heaters 
    Propane gas water heaters have a recovery rate nearly twice as fast as electric water heaters. Over an average unit's life span (approx. 10 years), propane gas water heaters can save a five-member household more than $2,300 when compared with a similarly sized electric unit.1

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