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Propane convection heaters for warehouse or commercial use produce more than 80000 btus per hour and are ideal for heating cold areas within warehouses or large builidings and tent or patio areas outside. Convetion heaters heat the air immediately in front of the heating element. The heated air rises creating air circulation. Larger heaters will produce more heat faster and will create a steady flow of heated circulating air. Large heaters will require a significant source of propane to fuel the heater and are intended to be installed permanently.

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Propane Convection Heaters

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Propane Gas Tank Top Heater Dyna-Glo 4XA49 8000 btu
Availability: Out of Stock
Retail: $126.01
Price: $108.01
SKU: 4XA49
  • BTU /hr.: 8000 btu
  • Fuel Type: Propane Gas
  • Dimensions: 15"H X 15"W X 7"L

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Products 1-1 of 1
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