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Radiant heaters use a reflective shield to direct radiant heat onto a heated surface.Radiant flat panel heaters are used in industries and applications such as space heating. Important parameters to consider when specifying radiant heaters are maximum operating (sheath) temperature, AC voltage, kilowatts, and maximum watt density.
Many Radiant heaters are available with multiple sheath material options.

  • Radiant Convection Heaters - Retro Convection Heaters
    Baseboard Heater UNIQUE RETRO STYLE The timeless retro design of this convection heater, with stainless steel finish, chrome accents and vintage- style controls, beautifully complements any home environment. * HIGH CONVECTION POWER The superior convection system silently delivers instant heat to quickly warm the room. * TWO HEAT SETTINGS Let you regulate the output of warm air. Choose the HIGH (1500 watts) or LOW (750) setting. * POWER INDICATOR LIGHT For safe operation the power light indicates when the heater is turned on. * ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT Lets you easily select and maintain a desired level of comfort.
  • Oil Filled Radiator Heaters
    PERFECT FOR ALL ROOMS - This unit can be used anywhere in the home, even the bathroom. Provides effective and energy-efficient heating for an entire room. The unit's GFI plug allows for use in a bathroom environment as well.VERTICAL THERMAL CHIMNEYS - Maximize radiant heat flow while allowing the heater to maintain a low surface temperature for safer use.24-HOUR PROGRAMMABLE TIMER - Allows for the ultimate flexibility in scheduling your heater's operation. 96 settings allows you to heat rooms for set amounts of time and lets you select different time periods throughout the day and night.THERMOSTAT - Simply set your desired temperature and let your heater do the rest. VARIABLE HEAT SPEEDS - Lets you adjust output levels, optimizing energy-efficient operation.
  • Retro Oil Filled Radiator Heaters
    Vertical thermal chimneys provide faster heat circulation and better airflow temperature.
    Convenient pre-mounted wheels ensure safety and stability. With their patented design, they snap place perfectly – no assembly required. Supersensitive adjustable thermostat provides energy-efficient operation by letting you adjust the heat as you want it. Two heat settings optimize energy-efficient operation. Never needs refilling! Unit is permanently sealed with pure diathermic oil for stable and efficient heating. Safety features include thermal cut-off, rust-resistant durable metal construction, fully enclosed heating elements and gently rounded design. Extra large back panel matches the front panel. Convenience features include noiseless operation and anti-freeze setting that maintains minimal heat temperature. Wrap-around cord design lets you store cord when heater is not in use.
    Designed and engineered in Italy.
  • Radiant Baseboard Heaters
    Heat any room in your home with the Soleus Turbo HGW-203 baseboard heater. A combination of convection and radiant heat warms the room evenly and rapidly. The Turbo HGW-203 heats up quickly, reaching maximum heating capacity in one minute. This low-profile heater fits snugly against the baseboard for comfort that won't crowd your space. Warms up to reach maximum heating capacity in one minute! Wheels offer easy mobility. Silent heater won't create an annoying distraction.
  • Radiant Panel Heaters
    Panel Radiator features thermostatic temperature control, 2 heat settings (max power: 1500W), Bathroom water-splash protection, is wall mountable, and a room thermostat to set and automatically keep the desired room temperature. This unit has a safety thermal cut-off to ensure product safety. If unit becomes too warm, it automatically turns off. No need to worry about overheating. A convenient carry handle allows for easy portability.
  • Radiant Wall Heaters
    Micathermic heat utilizes technology from both convection and radiant heat. Our heaters release 80% reflective and 20% convection heat, distributing heat consistently and more evenly throughout the room. Convection is safe and consistent but slow. Reflective is instantaneous and also safe. So we took the two best heating types and maximized their advantages. This is accomplished by our patented Micathermic heating element which is a 5-ply element that encases various elements, Infrared film and mica materials. We call this the next generation of Oil filled Radiator Heaters. They offer all the benefits of Radiators, plus many more, and without drawbacks such as hot spots and excessive dryness
  • Natural Gas Radiant Heaters
    This Natural Gas Radiant heater is perfect for open spaces where heating of people or objects is more important that heating a specific area. Both durable and portable this heater will solve any of your temperature problems.
  • Propane Gas Radiant Heaters
    This Propane Radiant heater is perfect for open spaces where heating of people or objects is more important that heating a specific area. Both durable and portable this heater will solve any of your temperature problems. Ideal for heating people or objects economically in large open space. Piezoelectric ignition with automatic safety tip over device. Wheel kit assembly and handle for easy mobility. Recommended for use with 20 lbs. or larger propane cylinder. CSA International Certified for USA and Canada.

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