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  • Sauna Heaters
    Types of sauna heaters
    A variety of sauna heaters are now available on the market. Your first step in choosing a heater is to decide on what fuel type you would like to use. Sauna's are sometimes heated by gas or oil heaters, although the most common fuel sources are wood and electricity. Electric heaters are most often left on for the whole duration of the sauna bath.
    In most cases, atop the sauna heater is a layer or multiple layers of stones. The stones are heated by the heater and are more able to retain heat and keep the sauna hot. The stones are also where water is splashed in order to create the steam for a steam sauna. The addition of steam to a sauna increases the feel of heat as a higher humidity will feel hotter than a lower humidity. Water also transfers heat much better than air so you will notice a sudden difference in temperature when adding water to the stones.
  • Infrared Sauna Heaters
    Infrared sauna heaters work on a completely different principle than traditional sauna heaters. Instead of heating rocks and the air in the sauna, infrared sauna heaters use infrared light to heat the objects in the sauna, including the people. This allows for a much lower air temperature in the sauna, with the same feeling of warmth and same sweat inducing heat.
  • Wood Burning Sauna Heaters
    The traditional Sauna Heater is a Wood burning sauna heater. A wood burning sauna heater is great it does require a longer time to heat up and is little messy for indoor use. An outdoor sauna is a good place for a wood burning sauna heater.
  • Electric Sauna Heaters
    The most common sauna heater in use today is the electric sauna heater. The electric sauna heater is easy to hook up easy to operate and gets up to temperature very quickly. Make sure you have a qualified electrician install the electric sauna heater, remember this will be in a wet environment.
  • Gas Sauna Heaters
    Natural Gas or Propane fired sauna heaters are more economical to operated than the electric version. The gas sauna heater is also easy to operated and is very quick to heat up. You will need a licensed plumber to install the gas lines to your gas fired sauna heater.

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