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Gel Serenity Table Top Fire Pit Outdoor Greatroom SERENITY 9000
Gel Serenity Table Top Fire Pit Outdoor Greatroom SERENITY 9000

Gel Serenity Table Top Fire Pit Outdoor Greatroom SERENITY - 9000

Mfg Number:
  • BTU /hr.: 9000
  • Fuel Type: Gel
  • Dimensions: 16.5" H x 10" W x 10" D
  • Color: Black
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The Outdoor Greatroom Serenity Table Top Fire Pit features Venturi Flame Technology - fire with a twist! Venturi flames twist and dance thanks to the special technology that uses a proprietary turbo disc in addition to the glass cylinder. This creates an authentic flame with a unique "spinning" aesthetic you and your guests are sure to love! Assembly is fast, with only 3 individual pieces that simply slide into place. The Serenity Table Top Fire Pit is easy to light and there's never any mess or stress. Simply pop open a can of the Venturi Gel Fuel and easily light up the night! When the fuel is depleted just toss and replace!

The ultra-sturdy construction of The Serenity features tempered glass to withstand temperatures of up to 9,000 BTU's from the Venturi flame effect. Since the fire runs off of a clean-burning, virtually smokeless bio gel fuel you can safely enjoy your Serenity tabletop fire inside or outside. The unit has a conveniently compact size that can fit just about anywhere in your home or patio entertainment area. It's lightweight construction is just under 12 pounds, giving you hassle-free mobility. Installation is fast and easy only takes minutes to complete. The Serenity's dark finish and carved design make it a stylish household piece.



  • Black tabletop fire pit
  • Venturi Flame mode will burn up to an impressive 9,000 BTU's while spinning
  • Sturdy construction and tempered glass to withstand high temperatures
  • Smokeless fuel makes fire pit safe for operation in both indoor and outdoor environments
  • Safe for use in your personal home or apartment rental
  • Safe for tabletop operation
  • Lightweight and compact design make is incredibly simple to transport / carry the unit
  • The unique Venturi Flame technology uses a turbo disc and glass cylinder for a "spinning" aesthetic
  • Easy operation using clean-burning gel fuel
  • Easy to light instant flame adds warmth, character, and light
  • Requires no heavy tanks, wires, valves or hoses
  • Simple, fast and easy installation
  • Enjoy up to 3 hours of burn time with a 13-oz can of gel fuel
  • Fire pit is versatile and may be used for just about any entertainment setting
  • Choose between normal and Venturi Flame
  • Bio gel fuel is more cost / energy efficient than traditional gas and a renewable energy source ideal for the environmentally conscious
  • Includes a complimentary 13 oz can of Venturi Bio Gel Fuel, Table Top Fire Pit and Tempered Glass Tube

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16.5" H x 10" W x 10" D
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