Thermoelectric Water Heaters - Thermo Electric Aquarium Chiller / Heater - Water heater integrating thermoelectric heat pump 

  • Thermoelectric Heaters
    convert electric energy into heat. This is an irreversible conversion of electricity into heat; these heaters are often used for water and other fluids.
  • Thermoelectric Water Heaters
    Tabletop Thermoelectric Water Cooler/Heater
    Constructed of lightweight and durable ABS thermoplastic, the WD31EC uses compressor-free thermoelectric technology for quiet and cost-efficient cooling. Plus, it's designed to save extra energy, offering separate on/off power switches for hot and cold water operations and a choice of normal and energy saver modes.
    Key features include: full LED display for all functions; built-in cup storage compartment; convenient drain plugs for both hot and cold reservoirs; child safety guard on hot faucet; and uses standard 2, 3, or 5 gallon bottles. The Tabletop Thermoelectric Water Cooler/Heater allows cold or hot water to be dispensed wherever refreshment is needed, whether in the home or office or on the go in RV's or boats!
  • Thermo Electric Aquarium Chiller / Heater
    The Heater / cooler uses the thermoelectric method with peltier elements. Electric current is directly converted into cooling - no compressor is used, no environmentally unsafe cooling oil. The transformer is already included in the housing, so the cooler can be directly connected to the mains.
    The Heater / cooler can be used for seawater and freshwater. The heat exchanger is made of teflon coated stainless steel and corrosion free. The unit is supplied with a digital temperature controller, the set value can be programmed very easy. It can be changed from cooling to heating by pressing one button only.
  • Water heater integrating thermoelectric heat pump
    Experiments verified that a thermoelectric heat pump system is more efficient than an electrical heating device, for its heating coefficient reached more than 1.6 with suitable operating conditions. On the base of experimental data, a novel instantaneous water heater was developed by means of integrating thermoelectric (TE) heat pump with separating thermosiphon. The original flow path of the prototype facilitated heat recovering from drainage, and remarkably reduced the temperature difference between heat sink and source of the TE heat pump, thus its performance is improved greatly. Performance tests illustrated that the prototype can save more than 38% of the power consumption compared with that of conventional electric water heaters. It is of great practical interest in building energy saving, supplying hot water for carriages, ships and other analogous movable spaces.

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